I build better brands by integrating content writing, graphics and web design, web development and SEO. I received my degree in Technical Communication from Southern Polytechnic University in 2016. The STC’s definition of Technical Communication fell short of describing my skillset, so I borrowed the term “full-stack” from the field of web development. As a full-stack creative, I use a versatile skillset for digital content strategy in marketing.

My specialties include branding, design, web design/front-end development, and content writing. In branding, I work with clients to define brand values, competencies, and the ultimate message they want to communicate to their customers. I build brand identity with logo design and color palette.

As a designer, I originally come from a background in fine arts: drawing and painting. My Technical Communication degree pushed me into digital designs. I work with MS Word and Adobe InDesign for document design and information architecture. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create vector and raster art. I design for both print and web.

In web design/development, I create wire-frame mockups and select photography, colors, and fonts. I build sites with front-end development skills including Wordpress, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. I use Search Engine Optimization techniques to give brands more traction online. Marketing communication relies on clear, effective writing to communicate brand values and messages. My skills as a writer for both print and web transforms pretty words into pointed, copy for brand message.

Resume Highlights

Education: B.S. Technical Communication - Southern Polytechnic State University, 2016


The Coaching Firm, 2016
Designed and developed custom Wordpress template and ecommerce page. Edited, polished, and generated content and store items.

GG's Global Dance & Arts, 2016
Developed brand deliverables with a team. Personally designed and developed brand website. Team wrote content and created social media marketing strategy.

Full-stack Skills
  • Designing graphics for digital and print
  • Web Design/Front-end Development
  • Content writing with exceptional written & verbal communication
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Organization & attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal & group communication
  • Creative concept development
  • Proficiencies: MS Office, Adobe CC, HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Divi Builder

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