I build better brands by integrating content writing, graphics and web design, and SEO. All the dots in marketing communication, finally connected.  

Don't just go creative. go full-stack.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is more than the company name. Your brand is your reputation, your values, your connection with your customers. Build bold, build beautiful, build better brands.

Graphics Design

Let's face it. People love graphics that are shiny, graphics that are beautiful, graphics that send shivers down their spines. Your graphics should represent your high caliber as a quality brand.

Front-End Development

We live in a digital world, where content grows dynamically. What good is a flash-presentation anymore, I ask! That's why I know front-end development with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

Web Design

Everything great in this creative world starts with a brilliant concept. The same thing goes for your website. This full-stack creative starts your concept off right with gorgeous web design and effective front-end products.

Content Writing

No one reads a webpage with poorly written content, especially not search engines. Effective copy sells your products and communicates the value of your brand to the world via Google!

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization tends toward the technical, so you may be hard-pressed to find creatives who understand how to build your visibility. SEO practices during marketing development gets your brand more traction.

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A top view of sketch paper lying on a pile of manila envelopes. The left half of the landscape-oriented sheet shows a female portrait sketch with faint ink stains. The right half shows two postcards laying askew featuring two female portraits in full color against a blue and red watercolor backdrop. The text on the postcards says 'Senior Portfolio Open House 2016.' The postcards also indicate school department and date with time for the event. The Kennesaw State University logo with mountain outlines appears in the bottom corner opposite each portrait.

Invitation Designs


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Close-up view of an iMac in a white space with a pot of yellow, blooming daffodils just to the left of the screen. The white iMac's screen shows the homepage for GG's Global Dance & Arts. The homepage has a grey navigation bar with gold, centered text links for Home, Classes, Social, Community, Meet Us, and Get in Touch. Below the navbar, a full-width slideshow offers a photo of a blond woman dressed in white, who looks like Marilyn Monroe. She is posing in a reclining position with her head back and chest up, supported by her arms behind her. The backdrop is blue skies filled with billowy white clouds. Beneath the slideshow, a three-column segment with text peeks above the bottom of the monitor.

GG's Website


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This image lays out a logo on a corner of thick paper on the left and a silver monitor showing Ohio.org's homepage on the right against a concrete wall background. The logo on the left side spells out Ohio in orange and white type, against an orange, block silhouette of the state of Ohio. Surrounding the logo on the page's corner are primary colored globs of paint.

Redesigning Ohio


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