Digital storyteller and passionate jack-of-all-trades creative that leverages design, writing, and analytics to craft compelling user experiences. Experience with both B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies as well as planning, developing, and executing multi-channel campaigns. Skills in digital marketing include strategy, branding, graphic design, web design, analytics, automation, copywriting, and email campaigns.

Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Spark, InDesign, Dreamweaver), Microsoft Office, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, SEO, HTML/CSS, and Wordpress.

10 Random Things

get to know a bit about me

  1. 1. I’ve loved great storytelling mediums of all types since I was about two feet tall: books, films, and video games.

  2. 2. My handwriting is to die for.

  3. 3. A professor once told me that it was more important to perform on a level playing field with my peers than to excel by thinking outside the box. I disagree.

  4. 4. Before I got my communications degree, I studied fine art: drawing, painting, and architecture. I’m really passionate about digital painting and concept art.

  5. 5. I am 105% obsessed with typography. Discovering Montserrat was a religious experience.
  1. 6. The best marketing messages are straightforward and overly simple.

  2. 7. Additionally, extraneously wordy sentences, which is to say those sentences also written in a passive voice, are reminiscent to me of nails on a chalkboard.

  3. 8. I live in a continuously caffeinated state of existence.

  4. 9. Stephen King is genius. He’s written at least 95 novels, and I’ve only made my way through 50 of them. I just wish he would let the dog live in at least one story.

  5. 10. Technology is in my DNA. All four of my brothers are programmers, and I’ve been coding since we got our hands on a 64bit system running MS Dos back in the nineties.

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